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Expand channels, sublimation brand, breaking 2014

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- Great Wall Elevator FY2014 first marketing conference held smoothly

      "South warm light of day birds contention, October miles Spring Street", Dongguan in February, has faint smell the breath of spring. In this Vientiane recovery days in order to "expand the channels, sublimation brand, breakthrough 2014" as the theme of the Great Wall lifts 2014 first marketing conference held in Dongguan Ying Feng Hotel, chairman of the Great Wall Elevator Jane Jiang Airlines, general manager Li Huande attend meeting with sales team members across the country come together to jointly review the past year's performance and experience gains and losses, to discuss future development plans.
      Beginning of the meeting, general manager Li Huande comprehensive overview of market performance and the Great Wall lifts 2013 annual summary. Lee to introduce the Great Wall in 2013 to achieve the elevator lift sales growth of 52% over the previous year, sales reached an unprecedented success. Sharing the Great Wall elevator in the industry made achievements and glory at the same time, Li also analyzed the 2014 elevator industry situation and future development trends and provides enterprises should "improve production efficiency, expand sales channels, enhance performance management system" the direction of development and quantified the new year sales target. Excellent sales manager then each region the country are on their annual performance and operation of the area of ​​in-depth analysis, summing up the achievements and shortcomings of the team, and from specific sales promotion, skills and experience in terms of success stories to participants to share and discuss ; technology department, QC, after-sales department and representatives of the Department of personnel Administration also shared their own work in support of the development of the Great Wall. Leading the wonderful reviews, the delegates lively discussion of successful experiences, participants have the entire conference reached a climax, everyone around the "how to further improve the performance" discussion on this issue, provide additional comments and suggestions to management, for the development of the Great Wall elevator advice. The last meeting, held the awards ceremony for outstanding sales staff in recognition of the year 2013. Amid applause and cheers, chairman Jane Air Jiang personally for seven excellent sales staff sent honorary certificates and material reward, and send blessings and encouragement.
      "Spring mighty temporarily hovering, then tread layer peak looking eyes open." In 2014, the opportunities and challenges, hopes and difficulties, just do a good job every day, struggle every day, seize the day, hard work and strengthen the country, it will successful completion of the business objectives. Great Wall, as the Chinese national brand elevator carried the tripod who will also become more stable.

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