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Fun New Year celebration, the Great Wall exhibition grand!

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Personnel day phase Day reminder, the winter solstice sun spring born again "gone in 2013 has come to an end, carrying the infinite hope of 2014 is coming, in this New Year's time, the Great Wall on December 31 elevators in Dongguan mouth seafood restaurant off the new year gathering organized. the company headquarters and offices from all regions were more than a few hundred people gathered to greet the arrival of the new year.
When the sun sleep, cold winter night surrounded the earth, the entire venue is exceptionally hot. Shock music, along with the host to promote an atmosphere of discourse, the venue is full of festive atmosphere. By festive atmosphere for the party chairman Jane Air Jiang speech, I wish you all a Happy New Year and best wishes for everyone to send, and the company announced a new one-year development plan, the party atmosphere to a climax. Then you come to me between colleagues, chat, drink a toast to the happy everyone together Cheers, Cheers to pay for the whole of last year's hard work, but also for the new year's grand exhibition Cheers! After the dinner ended, and everyone fought KTV, song and laughter in the midst of the end of 2013 the last day.
This party, let us feel the warmth of the Great Wall, but also enhance the company's cohesion and solidarity. The future of the Great Wall, will certainly be a more solidarity, more indestructible team.
2013 Great Wall is destined to be an extraordinary year, all over the Great Wall were hard work, the company maintained a sustained and stable development, and usher in an elevator and a sales career breakthrough, entered a new milestone.
Bid farewell to a fruitful 2013, ushered looking forward to 2014. 2014, it is our dream to create a critical year set sail, and contains a wonderful opportunity, innovation and achievement Albert. The new year opened new hope, new course carrying the new dream. Let's blazing, hard work, forge ahead and create greater glories! Together for tomorrow's Great Wall off Come on!

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