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Bozhou in Anhui Great Wall into the elevator Hope Primary School

Number of visits: Date:2016-09-12 11:02:29

May 30, in the "61" International Children's Day approaching, the Great Wall into the elevator Bozhou in Anhui Hope Primary School, the school teachers and students to send holiday gifts and blessings, hope to encourage primary school students to study hard, aggressive , with honors serve the motherland's culture and social care.
After a brief welcome ceremony, the Great Wall Wang Kui elevator manager on behalf of the enterprise for the students brought school bags, books, notebooks and other school supplies, and with the students in close communication and interaction. In an interview with a local reporter to interview, Wang Kui manager, the firm is a member of society, through dialogue with the distance mountain children, we can really feel poor areas children's dreams. We want to take up an outstanding corporate social responsibility, as far as possible to create a good environment for learning and growth more young people to pass business care and warmth to the hearts of children.
A person's growth, the growth of a business without the support of, public welfare social environment of each of the duties and obligations of corporate citizenship in society to make the growth process. Great Wall elevator in the future development, will continue to bear the corresponding social responsibilities and obligations.

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