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Jobs Number Recruitment Requirements
Electrical Technician 2 Bachelor degree or above, mechatronics, electrical automation and other related professionals.
Mechanical Technician 2 Bachelor degree in mechanical engineering and automation and other related professionals.
Sales Operations Assistant 1 College or high school education, marketing and other related professional priorities, primarily to assist the regional manager of back office services.
Sales Clerk 1 College education, secretarial-related professional priorities, skilled use of excel, word and other office software. 
Regional Manager 1 Having a high school education, love of sales and marketing experience has priority.
Production Assistant 1 College education, serious and responsible work.
Shenzhen Branch Repairman 2 Elevator maintenance certificate holders, more than 1 year elevator maintenance experience.
Warehouse 1 College or high school education, hard.
Mechanical Engineers 1 Have a college education, mechanical design and manufacture of mechatronics or related professional,
In elevator installation, maintenance and technical work for more than 10 years.
Elevator Installation Apprentice 4 Male, aged 18 years of age, in good health, can be hard.

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