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League city - the Great Wall Elevator soccer team debut blood

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September 7, Dongguan early autumn weather pleasant, "Tsukuba Bridge Cup" Dongguan city football league in the sixth Cultural Square South Haven football field sky. Dongguan city soccer league was born in 2007, Dongguan is a local football fans to participate in football, football fun shared grand platform. Held annually city football league, Dongguan has become the region's most influential amateur football league known brands.
This year, 32 army two days separately from the first round of the competition. Great Wall Elevator soccer team in the first round encounter opponents and strength of Dongguan Firebird team. Dongguan Firebird team's own strength is very tough, and this year is the introduction of the so-called "African Yao" super marksman foreign aid, the strength is even more powerful. But the young man did not fear the Great Wall, the Great Wall of China to carry forward the sturdy, strong, unity and fighting spirit, opening soon hit the game, Dongguan team a surprise Firebird, 1: 0 lead. But, after all, ginger or the old lady. Dongguan Firebird team recovered quickly stabilize the mind, fired back. Africa Yao Ming headed meritorious deeds, the score back. Both sides entered the white-hot fight melee combat, since the ultimate strength of the poor, Dongguan Firebird 3: 2 win the game. However, look at the audience, the Great Wall Elevator young players are playing extremely bloody wonderful, teamwork, positive scraping, to Dongguan Firebird team has caused tremendous pressure. This wonderful game to the audience left a deep unforgettable memories, fans will be generous audience most enthusiastic applause given to both players.

The second round of the competition after a few days of rest, broke. Great Wall Elevator soccer team after blood, gorgeous debut, in turn give us what kind of shock and passion, let us wait and see.

Young Great Wall lifts football team, come on!

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