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  • Product Name: The main components of passenger elevator

 Traction System

Excellent gear transmission host, very complete integration design, efficiency of up to 90% or more, low noise, strong reliability. One hundred percent of the traction drive through the factory test, adapt to a wide range of compact and reasonable structure, excellent performance, no wear, comfortable, safe and reliable.


 Control System

1, all parallel input and output control;
2, ultra short layer operation, and no special debugging;
3, the default function of the popular, as far as possible to reduce the set of different applications;
4, combined with the early opening module, easy to achieve ahead of the door, open the door and then flat layer function;
5, rich door function setting, can meet the requirements of the elevator door control;
6, direct docking effect, so that the ride is more comfortable, more efficient operation;
7, all the input and output points can be flexibly set according to the requirements of the function;
8, the factory after the proper setting, can realize the zero parameter debugging.


Open System

Advanced variable frequency speed control system, in order to achieve the best opening and closing speed curve, mainly reflected in the high efficiency, high reliability, high power factor and high speed characteristics, simple operation, small starting current, small mechanical shock, perfect protection function and easy to realize closed-loop regulation, the elevator car is suitable for all kinds of door width.

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