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Great Wall Elevator debut 2014 China International Elevator Exhibition

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May 13, 2014, the world's largest elevator industry and influential event - Eleventh China International Elevator Exhibition opened in Guangzhou, China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex. Great Wall Elevator, after nearly three decades of painstaking work and effort accumulation, for the first time on the international stage elevator industry, the oath to the nation in the name of the world's elevator climbed the peak, to show the world "China highly."
This attend the show, both from the booth decorated and furnished to show subject matter or artistic expression, the company will strive to perfect: the Great Wall stands in the contour, black and white to color tone, combined with the new "GWE" sign, simple yet impressive atmosphere; household zither music played on the stage one after another melodious folk music, classical elegance and fashion, the show has become a beautiful unique landscape; the main display area of ​​the company for the star hotels, high-end business center and launch of the new residential building elevator car, its interior design are from well-known interior design master hand, technology and materials are excellent, and strive to make every customer get the best quality and comfortable experience. Combined with "nationalization" and "contemporary" new and old customers at home and abroad to obtain high degree of recognition and praise, and the media, in the first day of the exhibition, the Great Wall has attracted booth stopped to visit with over one thousand customers and the general agents negotiations. "Chinese elevator" magazine, "Elevator Industry" magazine and other media for Southern Television general manager Li Huande had an exclusive interview, reported the business development process of the Great Wall, the situation in this exhibition and future development plans. Great Wall brand elevator, standing in the tide of world scientific and technological development in the elevator does not fall, timeless, showing more vitality.
On the four-day event, the Great Wall Elevator fully display their focus on independent research and development in the field of elevator technology, and strict and efficient, safe, high-quality products to the advantage of the audience. As the elevator in the field of old enterprises, the Great Wall has withstood the test of time, the results obtained do not meet the status quo today, we hope to increase hardware investment, improve service, and constantly improve the enterprise's comprehensive strength in the consolidation of the domestic market and the gradual establishment improve global coverage of international marketing network. The wonderful performance at the show, both marked a booster for the global strategy for the promotion of the Great Wall of the elevator, but also strengthened the determination to continue to climb the Great Wall, the world's elevator industry peak.
"The nation is the world." Over the past three decades, the Great Wall has been adhering to lift strict pragmatic, work hard and forge ahead of the traditional Chinese style, to absorb advanced technology and wisdom of the world elevator industry at the same time, adhere to independent research active and innovative, and as the stand of the group. Great Wall Elevator, aims to be China's elevator industry leader, "the Chinese national brand elevator carry the tripod" attitude elevator industry embarked on the world stage in the development of world history elevator carved "• Great Wall of China" Forevermark. We are confident that the current achievements and glory as a starting point, and then start toward the future, the Great Wall, will extend thousands of miles, burst out of unprecedented vigor and strength.

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