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Great Wall Chinese New Year farmhouse Elevator Activities

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It starts with, Vientiane update. Time flies, we are about to usher in a new 2016. In this New Year's time, all the staff at the Great Wall Elevator evening of 30 December, "with kung" farm organized New Year's Day gathering. The company headquarters and offices from all regions of a total of two hundred people gathered for the upcoming New Year, send the most sincere blessing each other.

Around at 17:30 on December 30, all employees of the company under the leadership of the leadership, arrived at the Dongcheng District of Dongguan City, "with kung" farm. Here very unique and beautiful environment, green grass. Employees copolymerization dinner while looking ahead, a clear lake, brings a strong sense of fresh and comfortable. By festive atmosphere, laughter among colleagues, drink a toast for about the past fruitful 2015 laughter, to greet the arrival of 2016 will be toast. After the end of the dinner, all employees will continue to Tiange KTV copolymerization activity will push the atmosphere to the highest point.

2015, all employees hard work, harvest a lot. By 2016, the Great Wall on New Year's departure from the staff elevator, taking a new step, opened a new prologue for the Great Wall of power take-off, vowing to carry tripod brand industry wisdom made China Elevator peak heart!

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