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To celebrate the National Day - Great Wall Elevator's new Web site grand on the line!

Number of visits: Date:2016-09-12 11:08:16
National Day celebration, welcome Saatchi, Saatchi lift the company's new Web site grand on the line!


October 1, Republic ushered in 64 years birthday, the land of China, celebrating the country. On the occasion of celebrating the good season, after he had finished fulfilling intimate National Day Golden Week, the Great Wall elevator company formally launched a new website!

Since the 2009 update to adjust the company's official website, several years of development time, the Great Wall company's growing size of the elevator, elevator technology, the kind of sustained breakthrough elevator, the elevator was turned sales growth last year and successfully become certified manufacturing and installation are a double qualification excellent elevator companies. Such a huge change, all this only in a few years time.

Expand the company's growth in personnel, technology improvement, configuration updates. Great Wall Elevator step by step, firm and steady move forward. In order to better adapt to market development, to enhance the company's new brand image, to narrow the distance, distributors and users, to create a healthy and harmonious development of the business environment. Great Wall elevator companies hesitate to invest material and human resources, the times, the official website launched a new enterprise, and strive to better serve the public.

Blessed in our country, but also smug, look forward to the Great Wall Elevator more brilliant future!

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