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League city - the Great Wall Elevator soccer team into the finals

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Dec. 7 afternoon, sunny, 2013 "Tsukuba Bridge Cup" city of Dongguan City, the sixth grade B football league matches formally finals, the final four teams are the Class game: Jiaying team vs Ming Wah Industrial ; B match: vs Great Wall Elevator Hengli buffalo.

Yes, you have absolutely no wrong, B Finals game. Elevator to the Great Wall domineering leakage of the potential dark horse all the way through the NBA Finals.
15:00, B finals game began, the Great Wall Elevator vs Hengli buffalo. Great Wall Elevator for the first time to participate in competitions organized by the city league, the team was able to one, morale, such as rainbow, carrying the first group of prestige, high-profile into the finals, the military capacity heyday. Hengli Buffalo team overwhelmed the competition, but in previous years, the integration of several Class A powerhouse Humen Molykote Reggie, it is desirable to Class B rolling wing strength to the team. Strength level even if two teams has been a marked imbalance, the Great Wall of elevator boys still without fear, yes, even the other strong again, so what? Quitting brave victory, which is strong or weak, fight over before we know!
 After all, or the lack of competition experience. Expand the game soon, near Buffalo team on the radio by the French aid Peng Youbo assists striker Yang Shangming attack succeeded, the field situation is what Buffaloes controlled Great Wall elevator extremely harsh spent the first half of the game, the first half Buffaloes 1 : 0 lead. The second half began, the Great Wall elevator immediately made an adjustment, greatly enhance the overall morale, strengthen the offensive obvious, even with the strength of the buffalo League team had forced into defense, the Great Wall lifts several excellent scoring chances began to appear , but did not succeed, it is a pity. The second half 13 minutes, lift the right break the Great Wall crosses the middle Qiangdian two players at the same time, behind No. 6 Ouyang Jian, two meters away from the door hit the door, but the ball flew over the goal. 27 minutes, Yuan Lin on the 11th to go past two defenders buffalo, kicker shot, buffalo goalkeeper Leung Yiu Wah bravely blocked the ball to return to the foot of the Lin Yuan, Yuan Lin no decisive shot with intent to buckle again looking for opportunities to break the opponent is back to the rescue of buffalo guard Bigfoot siege. Towards the end of the game, seeing the time is running out, Last Stand of the Great Wall of elevator boys with no scruples, the team played the final wave of attack the most threatening attack, but to no avail. Buffaloes Yang Shangming then take advantage of a counterattack to gain another victory, the score became 2: 0, Buffalo team to seal the victory, the end of the game. Unfortunately, the Great Wall and the champion missed the elevator, the runner-up.
Class race team and Jiaying Ming Wah Industrial competition, the final team to do so Jiaying won the championship.
After the match, Zhu Weiguang, deputy director of Sports Bureau, the Secretary-General Fang Weimin Sports Federation, as well as representatives of Tsukuba Road and Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. Longquan real estate on behalf of the teams, athletes trophy.
This city each league awards are as follows:
Champions League: Jiaying; runner-up: Ming Wah Industrial; Runner-up: Longquan real estate;
League top scorer: Yao Ming (Firebird team); best goalkeeper: He Weirong (New Gulf).
Champions League: Hengli buffalo; runner-up: the Great Wall Elevator; Runner-up: Hua Wei Electronics;
League top scorer: Lin Yuan (Great Wall elevators); Best Goalkeeper: Leung Yiu Wah (Hengli buffalo).

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